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What is Memory Bite?

A good meal with good company is an experience worth remembering. Memory Bite tracks and shares the important and (seemingly) not-so-important meals in life.

Memory Bite is an app to help you remember what dishes you tried at that restaurant you like, or that new place you tried in that neighborhood over there, or those weird things you ate in that country you visited, or that discussion you had over a burger with your friend. It is a meal journal that is convenient for quick entries of just a restaurant name or open-ended for when you need to wax poetic on the ice cream you just ate.

Opening Menu
Memory Bite’s streamlined menu. Quickly return to your last entry to update as your meal goes on, or when you reach a socially-accepted break in conversation.
Meal Journal - Setting 2
All your meals are listed in your Meal Journal where you can quickly browse, sort, and search to pull up the entry you want.
Meal Entry
Feel free to enter as much or as little detail on each meal as you want. Attach photos from your gallery or take a new photo with your camera.
Meal Details
Each entry can have up to six photos and as much or as little text as you want. Entries can be shared with friends.
Full size meal photos
Add captions to your photos so you can point them out to other people.

App Features

  • That-Thing-I-Ate Recall – Remember That-Thing-You-Ate at That-Place-You-Went.
  • More-Restaurants-Than-Memory Support – Some cities have dining scenes that are better than your mental recall.
  • Five-Day-Business-Trip-Restaurant-Fatigue Protection – You know the main reasons you signed up for that sales trip in Chicago were hot dogs and client dinners. Make that expense account squirm and remember every bite.
  • Where-Did-I-Take-My-Client-Last Business Saver – Never lose a sale by bringing your best customer to that “super special hole in the wall where you only take friends,” even though you completely forgot you brought him there three months ago.
  • Wine-Mind Assistance – Shoot for that third bottle and still remember your meal, provided you complete your Memory Bite entry the same night!


appliv_icon   Memory Bite was recently reviewed by App-Liv.

Memory Bite was featured in an issue of Edible Manhattan in an article written by Ruth Temianka. Check out the thrilling story of how Memory Bite came to be.

Edible Manhattan Post

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Get it on Google Play   amazon-underground-app-us-black

Memory Bite app for Android is available in Android stores for both phones and Kindle Fire devices! Check out the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store today.


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